Surfin'Bitcoin Day 1: Crisp information on Ledger!

Yesterday morning started the third edition of Surfin’Bitcoin, the largest conference dedicated to the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain in Europe. went there to relay unpublished scoops from companies in the ecosystem. And guess what? Ledger showed us all the colors!

Ledger announces big changes

Interviewed by Raphaël Bloch, journalist and co-founder of The Big Whale, Pascal Gauthier and Charles Guillemet, respectively CEO and CTO of Ledger, confided in some of the current and future developments at the manufacturer of wallets french crypto.

First, Pascal Gauthier argued that the first half of the year was satisfactory for Ledger, which had grown by 15%. Then, he recalled that, even if the bear market slowed down the industry as a whole, companies in the sector must see this as an opportunity to rebuild and develop new products.

In the aftermath, the Ledger representative also announced support for StakinSat. Therefore, users of wallet crypto will now be able to set up a bitcoin savings plan via Ledger Live in a simple and secure way. Moreover, they will also have the possibility to automatically buy bitcoin from this platform.

Some technical developments

Subsequently, Charles Guillemet discussed the technical aspects under development. For him, the censorship of which Tornado Cash has recently been the victim has reinforced the idea that decentralization remains the best protection. This is why Ledger is working on different tools to enable its customers to be more resilient.

In this momentum, the company has added Miniscrypt functionality on Ledger Nano to promote the decentralized management of bitcoin. In addition, she is currently working on the integration of the decentralized browser TOR into the Ledger Live. The goal is to anonymize communications so that they are resistant to censorship.

In addition, the firm plans to add a new feature very soon allowing validators to run their nodes from Ledger Live. The interface should also accommodate a range of tools aimed at developers. The goal is that they can program decentralized applications (DApps) there and create their own cryptos. In addition, the Ledger Live will also integrate a DApps explorer and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It is also to be expected that it will soon be possible to deploy DApps inside the Ledger.

Security is a major issue at Ledger

In the crypto ecosystem, as in all technological spheres for that matter, cybercrime is on the rise. To reduce its exposure, Ledger is committed to limiting data collection as much as possible. Even more interesting, dungeon, a team of experienced hackers, works internally at the manufacturer with the main mission of hacking the company’s products. The objective is to detect their flaws and correct them before they are placed on the market.

Throughout their speeches, company representatives reaffirmed their vision: to make hard wallets Ledger the portfolios of tomorrow. The major challenge is to ensure that people who are less familiar with the technology can use it without difficulty.

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