Stay in control of your data with Binance Greenfield BNB!

A possibility of keeping your data safe from all forms of curiosity and exploitation, who doesn’t dream of it? This is what Binance will offer by launching its new decentralized storage system, BNB Greenffield, on the BNB Chain. Decryption!

BNB Greenfield, a Web3 decentralized infrastructure from Binance

This story of “blockchain and decentralized storage” was already the subject of an interview with Mickael Canu in December 2020. The latter is none other than the founder of the Ternoa project, whose project is a pure concretization of the combination of two concepts.

The idea did not leave the other giants of the crypto universe indifferent apparently. This is particularly the case of Binance which, this year, has developed a cold storage wallet for institutions. As decentralization has almost become a must lately, Bitget also decides to follow suit.

Imminent launch of BNB Greenfield from Binance

BNB Chain is pleased to announce the publication of the BNB Greenfield White Paper.

This new standard of ownership and utility of Web3 data introduces a new structural and economic paradigm for data in the age of Web3. »

In an article published on 1er february, Be In Crypto reported that Binance has uploaded a White Book regarding its new decentralized storage service. Called BNB Greenffield, this Web3 infrastructure project will allow BNB holders, users and developers of dApps alike, to interact with the storage system or smart contracts. Provided, of course, that they use their own blockchain addresses and pay the gas and governance fees in BNB.

Extensive explanations

Note that this decentralized Binance storage system allows the storage of user metadata on BNB Chain. As for bulk data, it is stored off-chain through a decentralized network called Greenfield Core Infra. The latter being composed of a “storage-oriented blockchain (BNG Greenffield) and a decentralized network of storage providers (SP).

Users upload their data storage requests to BNB Greenflied and storage providers keep data off-chain. Users can verify that their data is stored correctly by performing a Proof-of-Challenge check on BNB Greenfield », Specifies Binance in its white paper.

Binance enlisted coders from Amazon Web Services, NodeReal, and Blockdaemon to accelerate the release of BNB Greenfield. Also, it should be noted that this announcement comes right after the announcement of the departure of two heavyweights from Coinbase’s web3 infrastructure, Node.

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