Bitcoin (BTC) is the new Third World

A new movement of non-aligned countries is emerging. All gathered together, under the orange banner of Bitcoin (BTC). Faced with printing money, can the Bitcoin network represent an alternative as great as the Soviet Union was against the United States during the Cold War?

The Non-Aligned Movement

For those of you from the former Yugoslavia, you will be familiar with the global cause known as the Non-Aligned Movement. Under Tito's leadership, the movement brought together diverse and large-scale nations, such as Yugoslavia, Egypt, India and Indonesia.

In people's minds, it was less of a formal entity aimed at imposing thoughts and decisions on others and more of a decentralized group. It was far from resembling the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations or the European Union today, which are the enemies of many bitcoiners.

For almost 50 years of the “Cold War”, the world's conflicting superpowers sought to force everyone into one of two blocs, the Soviet Union on one side and the United States on the other.

As the Cold War attempted to impose a difficult choice on countries and individuals, affecting their lives, livelihoods and wealth, the non-aligned movement aimed to avoid tying itself to either side.

As with the non-aligned movement, a third monetary path is emerging.

A world full of fiat

Post-Cold War Western leaders sought a new enemy.

The West needed a new adversary to create a two-sided block again like in the “good old” days of the Cold War.

However, none could fully satisfy the Fiat printing house's bloodlust until the world is experiencing the rise of China.

The world was black and white again and ripe for turn the crazy fiat money printer back on.

The modern Cold War has transformed into an economic, financial, technological and monetary war. America's global economic dominance has been called into question, as has the role of the U.S. dollar.

How did a country that simply produced cheap clothes and Christmas decorations become a rival in terms of GDP ?

It is with this in mind that the Western master began to impose the most comprehensive and extensive set of controls to anyone who touched or even dreamed of the dollar.

“Where did you get your 789 dollars and 82 cents?”

“Why do you need to withdraw $124 in cash? »

“Bring your birth certificate, 4 fingerprints, 10 years of tax returns and a blood sample tomorrow and maybe we'll give you your money back so you can pay for your daughter's medical bills. »

The new polarized world has been created to force people to make a choice, to use the US dollar and the Western financial system, under penalty of seeing his wealth taken hostage, frozen or even confiscated.

“I think banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” Thomas Jefferson.

Bitcoin, the solution to a fragmented world

Today's world is not a kind of Ying-Yang where both blocks must exist to create balance, but rather a world where the two blocks are in constant friction, burning at the points they touch and grinding each of us in between.

Yet what the Cold War veterans and today's money printers failed to envision, it is the creation of Bitcoin, which sprang between the friction blocks which served as flint.

Bitcoin is the new non-aligned movement

Bitcoin is the new version of the movement non-aligned.

By giving the public control of their own monetary system, a “third way” was born.

Neither Ying, nor Yang, neither East, nor West, neither Democrat, nor Republican, nor left, nor right. The new movement is led by figures such as the cool president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele and the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto.

There is always room for others within the Non-Aligned Monetary Movement, if the Argentine president Chainsaw-wielding Javier Milei was ready to embrace decentralized currency, he would be welcomed with open arms.

A monetary movement of the non-aligned

During an interview with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele said he wanted to offer Salvadorans an “alternative system”.

“Try to put in place an alternative system that is more independent, which is not confiscable, which is not censored and which is totally decentralized… We are taking small steps to change things and to give people different options. We don't change everything right away, but we give people other options, and we made bitcoin legal tender.”, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.

Just as we have moved from the arms race to the race to print magic money, we must now venture put an end to the categorization of the world into blocs favoring only certain economic groups.

Bitcoiners talk about choosing an alternative path with self-sovereignty.

The new elements of power are not acquired by forced association, but by will and self-determination, which constitutes a true “Monetary Non-Aligned Movement”. Bitcoin is the new “Third World”.

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