South Africa joins the revolt against the Dollar

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor wants an alternative to the dollar.

Mandela’s land no longer wants the dollar

After Saudi Arabia, which now accepts currencies other than the dollar as payment for its oil, South Africa is emancipating itself.

Naledi Pandor has declared at the microphone of RIA Novosti: “We have always been concerned about the dominance of the dollar and the need to consider an alternative”.

“The systems currently in place tend to favor very wealthy countries and pose a real challenge for countries like us that have to make payments in dollars […]. I think we need a fairer system. This is an issue we are discussing with BRICS ministers”she added.

The Foreign Minister also attacked a law recently passed by the US Congress aimed at reducing relations between Russia and Africa:

“I believe that this totally unjustified law should be nipped in the bud. I think it’s an intrusion against international law. We have made this clear to our American colleagues. »

Putting words into action, South Africa will participate in naval military exercises jointly with Russia and China. Operation “Mosi” will take place at the end of February off the port of Durban.

It has been almost a year since NATO and Russia clashed in Ukraine and it is becoming clear that this proxy war is the opportunity many countries have been waiting for to de-dollarize.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s incessant travels to the four corners of the world to call for no longer trading in dollars are bearing fruit.

Many countries previously anxious about being Iraqiized are responding to Moscow’s call.

The dollar is a weapon

The dollar is not a neutral currency. The petrodollar forces nations to hold most of their foreign exchange reserves in dollars (60%). Or 7,000 billion that central banks place in US debt to earn interest.

So those dollars come back home. This system allows the United States to post a chronically negative trade balance without the dollar collapsing. To live at the expense of others, in short.

Some will say that the US debt market is the most liquid and safest in the world. Admittedly, until this is no longer the case… Russia saw its 300 billion dollars and euros frozen at the start of the Ukrainian conflict.

This has not escaped China, which has US debt to the tune of 1000 billion dollars. Dangerous game… The dollar is a weapon and the BNP Paribas still remember it.

The SWIFT network, which infiltrates the vast majority of international transactions, is also a tool of domination in the service of the Empire. Iran has been disconnected from it for many years and is eagerly waiting for the BRICS to adopt a new system.

But what will be this new currency that could claim to replace the dollar and the SWIFT network?

Bitcoin of course, which is a currency as well as a payment network. Two in one. Stateless, not backed by a Ponzian debt, limited to 21 million units and uncensorable, Bitcoin seems obvious.

“Gradually at first, then suddenly”.

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