Crypto, a dangerous product?

Currently, there are no comprehensive crypto regulations in place in the UK. But, after the calamitous year that crypto has been through, it has become clear that the sector needs some regulation. The British authorities have therefore decided to take matters into their own hands for the safety of investors.

UK to adapt existing regulations to crypto

The UK government has claimed that up to 10% of the population in the UK today hold crypto. In this context, it is committed to putting in place a solid regulatory framework for digital assets. To this end, it has made regulatory proposals aimed at “manage» the risks of the new industry. He indicated that these are currently the subject of consultation.

However, the British authorities have not no intention of creating a tailor-made regulatory framework for crypto. They intend to use the regulations that already exist in the country. The idea is to allow cryptos to have “trust, credibility and regulatory clarityof the existing system, according to the Treasury.

Government promises regulation

The UK government should therefore apply the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) to cryptos. He intends to follow a principle ofsame risk, same regulatory outcome“. It goes so create a form of fair competition between TradFi services and new financial services.

The Treasury has suggested that it expects not all crypto businesses to adhere to its regulatory system. He explained that some of them will surely prefer to continue offering their services in more liberal offshore jurisdictions.

The government explains the usefulness of its regulatory proposals

The treasure presented the benefits of its crypto regulatory proposals. He said then that they will help establish rules for fair, clear and non-misleading promotions of cryptos. They should also allow for stronger data reporting requirements.

The Treasury proposals also aim to adopt regulations preventing so-called “pump and dump” practices. These are when an individual artificially boosts the value of a crypto before it is sold.

The British government wants to put in place regulations that, on the one hand, mitigate the significant risks associated with cryptos. On the other hand, this regulation will make it possible to best exploit the advantages of crypto technologies. Andrew Griffith, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, explained that the government is committed to “enable technological change and innovation“.

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