"Shibapendance Day", or the comeback of BONE

If the SHIB has not yet picked up the slack after the bear market from the end of 2022, the BONE meanwhile continues to impress with its resilience. Recently its price shot up after Shytoshi Kusama did a very big revelation : Shibapendance Day. Zoom !

Shytoshi Kusama announces “Shibapendance Day”

The team behind Shiba Inu really took the delay in the deployment of the Shibarium secondary blockchain network. However, the ShibArmy firmly believes that its advent will sign the end of hard times currently plaguing the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

At the moment, the SHIB is trading at $0.00000753 per coin. What seems far from the$0.000088 2021 ATH.

But a recent article by The Daily Hodl highlighted a piece of information that is sure to cheer up the Shiba community. We learned there that the main developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has just revealed the “ Shibapendence Day “.

It’s about first “true decentralized exchange” (DEX) which will serve as a taste of Shibariu.

On Medium, Kusama established a comprehensive description of “Shibapendence Day”. Here’s how he made his readers’ mouths water:

For hundreds of years, humanity has been subject to the concept of ‘centralization’, a hierarchical system of authority that disempowers the majority and reallocates it to the entities that control our world. These centralized forces succeeded in eroding the fabric of the human spirit and plunder the planet, giving nothing back to the billions of lives that depend on their benevolence. Despite our differences, most of us are simply looking for happiness, prosperity for our family and friends, and a financial alternative which shelters us from the difficulties of an unjust society. »

Happy days for BONE

This revelation of Shytoshi Kusama had effects on BONE, the native token of the decentralized exchange of Shiba Inu.

Bone ShibaSwap, which made people happy by trading at $1 a coin in August 2022, saw its price climb to $1.44 on July 8. Which represents a 60% increase.

At the time of writing, the BONE coin is selling for $1.34.

For those who don’t want to miss anything from the ShibaSwap DEX, Kusama offered the following recommendations:

  • do theacquisition of LEASH and SHIB using Bury ;
  • get BONES by buying on Shibaswap using the ETH/BONE pair;
  • or participate in farming and monitor the accelerated rewards schedule.

The success of this last alternative will depend on the “Selected Pair Liquidity on ShibaSwap and LP Token Woofing “.

We will also note that once deployed, the Shibarium presents itself as a facilitator of exchange of BONE against SHIB.

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