SEGA announces a new game on the blockchain

The game developer SEGA does not intend to remain on the sidelines of the craze around blockchain technology. The company recently announced that it plans to make a digital collectible card game. The collection will be developed and operated by, and will be available on the L2 Oasys HOME verse network.

Blockchain is attracting more game publishers

Since its appearance, blockchain technology has gradually made its way into many areas, including sports and video games in general. It is in this context that several developers have taken a great interest in it. For example, the publisher SEGA has indicated that it will soon launch a collection of games on Oasis.

Oasys is a network that was designed with the aim of providing gamers with a unique experience. Indeed, it combines public level 1 blockchain technological solutions with private level 2 solutions. The objective that the company Oasys seeks is to ensure that the blockchain becomes a essential in the habits of players. This is also the opinion of, whose CEO, Hironobu Ueno, said: “We are honored to be a pioneering partner in building a new generation of games with SEGA on the blockchain.”

oasis houses the creations of several major developers and publishers games, including Square Enix, Bandai Namco and Ubisoft. And this would only be the beginning according to the managers of Oasys. During the Tokyo Games Show, he said that several companies will join the ranks of those already opting for blockchain.

A strong demand

The universe of blockchain-based games has recently been enriched with new releases. For example, earlier this month, Epic Games launched Blankos Block Party. It is the very first blockchain and NFT game launched by the company in the market. In addition, the American company that is behind the famous game Fortnite has raised $2 billion during the month of April in order to continue its incursion into the metaverse.

More recently, Splinterlands, a leading blockchain gaming company, released all pre-sales of its new series of Tower Defense packs, starting on launch day. That is to say that there is a strong demand compared to Web3 based games.

SEGA is pushing its foray into the world of blockchain games further. Indeed, the company recently announced that it will launch a digital collectible card game on the market. The game will be developed by the company and will be available on the Oasys network.

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