Presidential elections in the United States: this Democratic candidate will accept donations in bitcoin

Next year, Americans will go to the polls to choose their leader. In recent weeks, several politicians have officially announced their entry into the running for the White House. Among them, a certain Robert F. Kennedy Jr., open to the idea of ​​receiving support in crypto, especially in bitcoin.

Accepting donations in bitcoin, historic for a presidential campaign?

The presence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the recent Bitcoin 2023 conference will not have given birth to a mouse. This major crypto event was an opportunity for the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate to make a big announcement.

Friday, May 19, in fact, the nephew of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy announced that he would accept donations in bitcoin for his campaign. A historic decision, because he is the first presidential candidate to position himself openly in favor of bitcoin. And given the value of BTC, we imagine that it will probably not be insignificant in the race for the Oval Office.

Would this choice be a simple political game to arrogate the support of an electorate among the most relevant for his campaign? The question needs to be asked. Especially since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not cited among the leaders in the presidential election of 2024.

Accepting donations in bitcoin, a logical choice?

However, this decision is not an isolated case. Because the politician is in fact a fervent defender of bitcoin and cryptos as a whole. These are thus naturally at the heart of his desire to run for president.

The latter, he promises, would pave the way for a new era for bitcoin in particular. On this asset, the candidate, an environmental lawyer by profession, wants to defend the right of every American to dispose of it. This, without state interventionism.

“As president, I will ensure that your right to own and use bitcoin is inviolable. First, I will defend the right to self-ownership of bitcoin and other digital assets”said Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

And to add: “You should be able to own your own private keys, just like you own the keys to your car or your wallet. […]. I don’t think the government has the right to demand access to your bitcoin key or… any of your passwords. To say otherwise is to cede essential territory to the surveillance state”.

A position at odds with the controversial choices of the Biden administration, which clearly wants more control. This, through a CBDC project, also much discussed in American public opinion.

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