Polygon (MATIC): an American giant with 1,400 billion assets under management arrives

Blockchain means increased security, transparency and trust for a company. Gradually, companies are migrating to this disruptive technology in order to enjoy its ineffable conveniences. Realizing this, investment giant Franklin Templeton decided to embark on Ethereum’s layer 2 platform, Polygon.

Franklin Templeton arrives in Polygon

Certainly, Polygon saw its popularity rating increase after the zkEVM Layer 2 deployment. Seduced by the innovations recently implemented in this blockchain, fund manager Franklin Templeton decides to take the plunge.

Franklin Templeton today announces that the Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund (FOBXX) (the “Fund”), the first mutual fund registered in the United States to use a public blockchain to process transactions and record share ownership , is now supported on the Polygon blockchain “, can we read on the site of the American giant.

This decision was taken by Franklin Templeton after a finding of ” operational efficiencies related to the use of a ” blockchain integrated system “.

In his eyes, the distributed ledger has several advantages, to name a few:

  • her high level of security ;
  • there speed of transactions ;
  • there cost reduction ;
  • etc

What to arouse the interest of the shareholders of Franklin Templeton.

Roger Bayston, head of digital assets at Franklin Templeton, clarified that:

Extending the reach of the Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund to Polygon allows the fund to be more compatible with the rest of the digital ecosystem, especially through an Ethereum-based blockchain. This allows us to scale our distribution through a proven Layer 2 (L2) blockchain “.

About Franklin Templeton

In fact, it is a American organization specializing in investment management. It is strong in its several subsidiaries spread across the four corners of the planet. These act under the name of Franklin Templeton.

Helping clients achieve great results is Franklin Templeton’s ultimate goal. Thus, it provides them with a global specialization, bringing broad capabilities across equities, fixed income, multi-asset solutions and alternatives “.

Franklin Templeton currently displays on the counter:

  • 75 years of experience ;
  • offices in 30 countries;
  • 1,300 investment professionals;
  • 1.4 trillion in assets under management ;
  • Etc.

With a Polygon that does not hesitate to innovate, particularly in terms of smart contract automation, other companies will certainly add to the list of beneficiaries.

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