Optimism successfully completes “Bedrock” hard fork, reducing fees

Optimism is a layer 2 scaling blockchain for Ethereum. The developers behind this project have announced that a upgrade completed and called Bedrock will reduce gas charges and deadlines for confirming deposits. Other security features are also planned.


The new features of the Optimism network after Bedrock

On June 07, developers at OP Labs announced the completion of the Bedrock upgrade of the Optimism scaling solution. They also promise that the new Bedrock hard fork will allow reduce filing times, layer 1 fees and increase security on the network. This upgrade is part of a larger strategy. This aims to make Optimism a “superchain” of scalable Web3 networks based on Optimism’s OP Stack software.

Karl Floersch is the CEO of OP Labs. Chatting with Cointelegraph, he told them that Bedrock would implement several gas optimizations. This will contribute to a 40% reduction in Ethereum network data availability charges. So, the user himself will be able to benefit from reduced gas costs on Optimism. He also talked about the reduction of filing time to one minute. Prior to Bedrock, the need to achieve finality on Layer 1 lengthened filing times by up to 10 minutes. Finally, thanks to Bedrock, bridge exploits will be better prevented through the implementation of a two-step withdrawal process.

The future of Optimism after the update

The multi-network superchain to be built is the next step that OP Labs developers are aiming for. This construction notably passes through the next development of the OP stack. According to Floersch, it features “modular proof systems” that allow developers create and customize their own blockchain networks. The passage of the validators should be done without major difficulty since “op-geth”, the validation component of the software, contains less than 1,000 lines of code which differ from the version of Ethereum.

Coinbase has already announced on February 23 its intention to become part of the OP Labs Superchain. Most recently, on May 24, the crypto exchange presented details of its plans for the mainnet launch.

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