Opensea adds functionality to secure NFT exchanges

Opensea, long known as the biggest market place for NFTs, is in the midst of a revolution! In its quest to regain its former glory, the giant does not skimp on resources and announces the launch of a new feature: Deals.

Deals, Opensea’s new feature that facilitates secure exchanges

The crypto ecosystem, while having great earning potential, is also notorious for constant hacks. So what can be done to remedy this and offer a quality service? If everyone has their own way of doing it, Opensea opts for a new feature that puts users first.

In a tweet, the company announces the addition of the Deals feature. The latter will allow users to exchange their NFTs securely. A news that seems to delight the main stakeholders, since the reactions were quick. For many Internet users, it is a return to basics that is pleasing.

But for Opensea, it may be a whole different matter. This year is significant, because the competition is fierce. And if the company wants to regain its leading position, it must work very hard, given that its young competitor Blur is soaring.

So many initiatives for the marketplace!

After losing its leading position in the NFT market to Blur, Opensea is taking initiatives to regain its position. Between reducing fees on non-fungible token sales and adding new tools for its Drops section, the company has only one goal, to bring users back to the platform.

But that’s not all ! Earlier this year, it launched a new platform, Opensea Pro in collaboration with the team at Gem. And now it’s Deals’ turn to enter the list of great initiatives.

Currently, nothing stops Opensea, neither the accusations, nor the competition. The company is in its big plans phase and it seems to be working as user feedback is positive, especially when it comes to the Deals feature. Safety being essential, it was time for it to be put forward.

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