NFT: The Chicago Bulls' turn to take advantage?

Although little known, the universe of NFT Artwork is attracting more and more people. As proof, the American professional basketball team Chicago Bulls used this technology to rethink its visual identity. We are talking about a collaboration between 23 NFT artists on a unique project: The Aurochs. The 23 NFTs will be auctioned on Coinbase NFT. bulls-reimagine-official-logo-through-nft-artworks%2F

Introducing the new Chicago Bulls NFT logo

Chicago Bulls reinvents its logo through the NFT Artwork

The creation of the Chicago Bulls logo dates back to 1966. It is the work of Dean Wessel. Recently, the team expressed its wish to revamp the current logo without modifying its original design. She therefore turned to alternative solutions: NFT Artwork and Web3.

In the same vein, Chicago Bulls challenged 23 NFT artists. But not just any! The team targeted the most creative and innovative NFT designers. Their mission: to rework the Bulls logo and design one-of-a-kind NFT art. In this tweet of Chicago Bulls, we discover not only the new logo, but also the list of NFT artists who participated in its design.

Chicago Bulls NFT Collection on Coinbase NFT

Challenge met for the 23 Web3 artists! On September 8, 2022, Chicago Bulls presents a unique collection of 23 NFTs dubbed “The Aurochs”. It will be auctioned on Thursday September 22 on Coinbase NFT. Please note that the auction will only last 24 hours. Also, part of the profits will be donated to After School Matter. It is a non-profit organization that supports high school teens in Chicago.

So far, no announcement confirms or denies the definitive redesign of the Chicago Bulls logo. The supporters of this American professional basketball team will nevertheless be delighted to discover a visual identity that is up to date and at the cutting edge of technology. Hopefully, the Bulls 23 unique NFT auction on Coinbase NFT will attract as many people as possible and delight the biggest fans.

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