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Meta makes the expansion of virtual reality in the educational environment its top priority. Indeed, the American firm has just announced that it will open 10 virtual campuses. This initiative is part of the implementation of its Immersive Learning project, the aim of which is to insert teaching into virtual reality spaces. So, to carry out this project, she partnered with Victoryxr, a startup specializing in virtual reality education. Meta thus provides an envelope of 150 million dollars for the materialization of this initiative.

Meta offers 150 million dollars to 10 universities to create virtual campuses

Metathe web giant, will offer a $150 million in aid at 10 universities. The money donated will help the promotion of virtual reality in the student environment. This assistance is part of its project Immersive Learning, which wants to revolutionize education with the introduction of metaverses. The company created by Mark Zuckerberg has set its sights on 10 handpicked universities. The latter will benefit from the support of Meta and its partner Victoryxr for the launch of campuses based on virtual reality.

Among the establishments selected, we find for example the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), which offers online courses to nearly 45,000 students. With this new Meta project, students will be able to meet in a metaverse to follow their lessons and exchange various experiences. Daniel Mintz, the head of the information technology department, shows his satisfaction. He admits that this help from Meta will allow them to have their very first campus. They will therefore be able to easily integrate new programs without affecting tuition fees.

A winning partnership with Victoryxr to develop the metaverse

The 10 campuses taking part in the program will benefit from Meta Quest helmets offered by Meta. The project Immersive Learning of Meta aims to facilitate student access to virtual reality. The metaverse is considered the technology of the present and the future. For the supply of helmets, Meta can count on its major partner in this Victoryxr project. It is the company in charge of the design of the metaverse campuses. It is also a provider of classrooms, 3D virtual reality objects and professional development.

Steve Grubbs, the founder of Victoryxr wanted to clarify the importance of this project. According to him, “Education is an exciting use case for Metaverse, and Meta Immersive Learning will help creators around the world build skills for Metaverse and create immersive experiences for learners. “. The other part of the funds will be allocated to the construction of virtual spaces. Additionally, each campus will be worth $50,000.

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