McDonald's launches "McNuggets Land"

McDonald’s celebrates 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets by opening McNuggets Land on The Sandbox metaverse platform. In this universe, you are greeted by pixelated McNugget characters like Coach McNugget and several others. The restaurant giant had already shown interest in Web3 and virtual worlds in 2022.

CoinDesk announcing on Twitter that Premier McDonalds returns with Grimace and opens McNuggets Land on the metaverse.

What is McDonald’s McNugget Land?

McDonald’s comes from afford a space in The Sandbox metaverse. When you visit McNugget country, you first come across “Coach McNugget”, a pixelated character and Assistant Coach McNugget.

He will invite you to join the game by finding four McDonald’s signs. Throughout your journey, you can earn several awards including a prize pool of 100,000 SAND to share with other players. At current prices, this amount is equivalent to approximately $44,000. You will also find “mystery boxes” containing pleasant surprises.

McNugget Land is an idea of ​​McDonald’s Hong Kong. Hong Kongers also have the opportunity to win coupons as well as the grand prize: “365 days of free Chicken McNuggets”.

McDonald’s resolutely turned towards Web3?

According to McDonald’s Hong Kong CEO Randy Lai: McDonald’s has always strived to deliver innovative experiences and Happy Moments “. Nevertheless, McNuggets Land is an extra effort that surpasses the previous ones. Indeed, during Grimace’s publicized celebration in the United States, such a level of commercialization was not seen. This universe presents us with pixelated McNuggets spitting out sales phrases as part of the gaming experience.

In a press release, Sebastien Borget, CEO of Sandbox, Sébastien Borget, said: “ Working with a global brand like McDonald’s, with its vast clienteletakes The Sandbox to a new level and brings us closer to achieving the ultimate goal of mass adoption in the metaverse. “. The Sandbox works with several other brands to help them deliver a unique metaverse experience to their users. Examples include Adidas, Gucci, Atari and many others.

So it seems the companies we love and whose products we use every day include the strategic importance of the Metaverse to reach more people. But is the metaverse itself ready for billions of users?

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