L'Oréal's NYX redefines beauty with a DAO and Ethereum NFTs

NYX is a very popular makeup brand that wants to create a community of aesthetic lovers, crypto savvy. This, by marketing a beauty incubator in the form of a DAO, known as GORJS. This is also the case for the launch of 1000 NFT Ethereum (ETH) called “FKWME Pass”. Can this program hold?

General presentation of the project

It was last June that the DAO was reported, but its release date cannot be respected. NYX de l’Oréal has however announced that the 1000 NFT Ethereum (ETH) could be put into circulation from the 1er next February. The price of these cryptos will be 0.19 ETH, or almost $290 each.

According to a statement from the President of NYX Global Brand, the primary purpose of the GORJS program is to shine a light on 3D creators. Moreover, there is talk of offering them some success in the wake of the Web3 ecosystem.

For the latter, the conceptions of digital “makeup” are radically opposed to what is observed in the context of empirical cosmetics. Indeed, creators will have the opportunity to overcome the surreal elements that govern the laws of physics.

The benefits of launching DAO and Ethereum NFTs

The DAO and the cryptocurrencies launched by NYX are an exploration of what could be cosmetics in the digital age, pseudonyms and avatars. In other words, the next generation of Web3 creators will redefine beauty.

Furthermore, this Web3 push also appears to be a departure from NYX’s traditional regime of aesthetically influenced content.

The NYX project is likely to be successful. This, due to the fact that she is a real support for up-and-coming makeup designers. Moreover, it is a way for L’Oréal to promote the market of crypto.

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