Lens Protocol Releases Level 2 Update

Lens Protocol, a decentralized social graph cryto project, has released version 2 of its platform. The latter incorporates an enhanced external smart contract feature called “Open Actions” or open shares. It also comes with the ERC-6551 token standard.

TheBlock tweeting ICYMI’s announcement that Lens Protocol has released version 2 which incorporates “Open Actions” and ERC-6551.

What is the new upgrade?

Version 2 of Lens Protocol first innovates with its “Open Actions” feature. It will now allow execution of any external smart contract action directly from Lens content posts. That is, with Open Actions, users can mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on an OpenSea contract directly from published Lens content.

By connecting to any web3 social app and supporting two-way integrations, Lens Open Actions extends the modularity of Lens itself » can we read in the communicated of the team.

Now ownership of NFTs can be assigned to profiles rather than the address of their owner. This new possibility will allow advanced integrations. A virtual lot in the metaverse will now be able to be programmed to own its Lens profile and interact with its users of the lot.

Second, Lens Protocol now integrates the platform with the ERC-6551 token standard thanks to this update. Thus, the property of NFTs can be attached to other assets and interact with applications.

Where is Lens Protocol going after this update?

As a reminder, Lens Protocol was launched on Polygon in May 2022. It is a decentralized social graph used to build social media platforms. Conveniently, it makes it easy to store social media activity via NFTs and on-chain data.

Last month the team announced a $15 million funding round. It was led by IDEO CoLab Ventures. At the moment, she dedicates a good part of her time to Finding a Momoka Blockchain Scaling Solution. It is also designed to store social media transaction data off-chain while verifying it on-chain.

Polygon, a Layer 2 Blockchain on Ethereum, know more and more successful projects. Could it possibly become the next evolution of Ethereum?

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