Konami: Its games soon in tune with the metaverse?

If you are told that Konami has also started the metaverse, will you still believe that it is a decoy? Admittedly, we have not yet passed the threshold of priming concerning virtual realities, but we agree to say that there is indeed something concrete in it. The Japanese game publisher would have understood this, to the point of wanting to recruit profiles capable of developing projects adapted to the metaverse.

Konami arrives in the metaverse and Web3

#Konami recently posted a series of job openings aimed at producing experiences including #metaverse and #Web3 technologies in its upcoming games. »

On October 13, the official site from Konami let us know that the Japanese company has just opened 13 positions specializing in the production of experiences including the metaverse. Basically, new Konami employees will have to:

  • build adequate systems;
  • and develop services adapted to Web3 and the metaverse.

Here is the list of the 13 positions published on the page presenting the Konami press release.

Lists of positions to expand at Konami

Advances in NFTs

Konami would probably have studied from the experiences of its peers before embarking on the Metaverse adventure. However, it must be admitted that the Japanese company has already taken a few steps in the blockchain.

For example, last January, Konami launched a collection of commemorative NFTs for the 35e anniversary of Castelvania. These non-fungible tokens which represent videos and images of some early games of the Castelvania franchise have been very successful.

Enough to motivate the barons of Konami to invest in these digital assets, even if it means pushing the plug a little further.

We have conducted research and development to incorporate the latest technologies into games and content, and plan to launch a service where players can redeem their in-game NFTs (digital items) through a single distribution platform using blockchain “, we said in the press release.

Konami, a collection that brought in $165,000

Strengthen further [sa] structure and accelerate [son] activity “, this is the ultimate goal of this first round of recruitment at Konami. And let’s not forget that its competitors like Bandai Namco, Square Enix or even Sega have already landed in the metaverse and Web3 long before it. In short, there is hope: adoption is still going on even if the crises persist.

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