Italy: “il ritorno” from ChatGTP!

Upon landing in our world, ChatGPT changed almost everything : digital, medicine, education and even people’s private lives. Hence the reluctance of certain countries such as Italy and Canada. La Botte, for example, preferred ban the chatbot from OpenAi for a while. But the latest news, the Italian government would have backtracked.

Italy gives ChatGPT a second chance

A few days after the publication of the open letter issued by Elon Musk and others asking for a 6-month break for the development of artificial intelligences, Italy decided to ban ChatGPT. For Garante, an Italian agency specializing in data protection, the OpenAI robot would have violated the General Regulations relating thereto, the GDPR.

Except that on April 29, Italy had reversed its position, specifies Cointelegraph.

Sam Altman couldn’t contain his joy

We are delighted that ChatGPT is available again in Italy! »

Certainly, OpenAI had to comply with the requirements of local authorities to deserve this comeback. Among other things, the company would have:

  • disclosed its data processing practices;
  • implemented age control measures ;
  • etc

OpenAI’s Charm Operation

Of course, in the face of such pressures, Sam Altman and his team at OpenAi made adjustments. History of restore the image of ChatGPT.

Did the Italian government miss this OpenAI Twitter thread?

We took ChatGPT offline on Monday to fix a bug in an open source library that allowed some users to see titles from other users’ chat history. Our survey also revealed that 1.2% of ChatGTP Plus users may have had their personal data revealed to another user. 1/2 »

We believe that the number of users whose data has been leaked to someone else is extremely low and we have reached out to those who may be affected. We take this matter very seriously and share the details of our investigation and plan here. 2/2 »

Towards AI regulation?

Italy and Canada have already shown us the example : no question of getting their hands on the confidential data of people under their protection.

The effort displayed by OpenAi has therefore been applauded by many ChatGPT users around the world.

European elected representatives are already working onpreparation of a bill aiming to classify Artificial Intelligence tools according to the levels of risk associated with their abilities. Regardless of the outcome, transparency is a must.

While waiting for a legal framework to emerge, we must recognize that the cryptocurrency traders are very fond of the ChatGPT versions like AutoGPT and BabyAGI. The latter are ideal companions in the crypto adventure, it seems.

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