Is the founder of the Terra Do Kwon ecosystem on the run in Serbia?

Do Kwon, who was a particularly prolific Twitter user, has gone quiet in recent weeks. But that doesn’t mean the hunt for the founder of the Terra ecosystem has stopped. On the contrary, it seems that it has rather intensified.

Two South Korean state officials in pursuit of Do Kwon

A Dec. 11 article by South Korean media outlet Chosun said Do Kwon would be settling in Serbia. He said the information came from a South Korean state intelligence official. Now, reports indicate that some members of the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office team have traveled to Serbia.

Do Kwon in South Korea ?

South Korean representatives are said to be in the area to track down Terra’s founder. That’s whatfound a Bloomberg report published on February 7. It appears that the Seoul prosecutor’s office did not deny the veracity of the facts set out in the reports.

It could be thatat least two government officials from South Korea were sent to Serbia. One of the officials would work in the prosecutor’s office while the other would be from the Ministry of Justice.

A request for cooperation sent to Serbia for the extradition of Do Kwon

It was revealed that the Serbian government received a request for cooperation from the South Korean authorities. The request states that they would like help to bring Do Kwon back to South Korea. However, so far, no extradition treaty exists between the two countries.

This also made Serbia a perfect region for Kwon if he wanted to hide. It should be noted that South Korea took away Kwon’s passport. The founder of the Terra ecosystem should therefore have difficulty making his next trips.

South Korean prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon on September 14. Since then, the founder of Terra has not been found, which made him guilty of absconding in the eyes of the law. Yet, whenever he had the chance, Kwon was quick to state that he was never on the run. The fallen entrepreneur also claimed not to have broken any financial market laws. He maintains that he neither stole money from Terra’s investors nor carried out any secret cash-ins. Separately, in December 2022, Kwon accused SBF of conspiring with Genesis to bring about the collapse of Terra.

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