Interpol wants to maintain its role in the Metaverse...

According to Jurgen Stock, secretary general of Interpol, the organization wants to fight against crimes in the metaverse. Nevertheless, this senior official believes that there are still many challenges to be overcome.

Metaverse Crimes Grow

Recently, the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) has become interested in metaverse technology. She is particularly interested in the crimes that can develop in this sector. Indeed, Interpol launched, in October 2022, its own metaverse during its 90th Annual General Assembly in New Delhi. This initiative marks the organization’s desire to strengthen its fight against online crimes. Indeed, as the number of metaverse users increases, the technology develops further. The list of possible crimes will only grow longer as well, Mr Stock said.

These crimes can include crimes against children, data theft, financial fraud, money laundering, phishing and many more. THE general secretary from Interpol also explains that criminals have started targeting users on platforms similar to the metaverse. He pointed to the ability of criminals ” sophisticated and professional to adapt to new technological tools to commit crimes.

Interpol wants to fight crimes in the Metaverse, according to Jurgen Stock, the organization's secretary general
Interpol wants to fight Metaverse crimes, according Jurgen Stock, the general secretary of the organization

Interpol still needs to overcome some challenges

Jurgen Stock said that action must be taken on this problem, stressing however that there are still challenges to overcome. Indeed, Interpol is facing problems defining a metaverse crime. According to Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director for technology and innovation, there are crimes for which it is unclear whether they can still be called crimes or not. There’s a difficulty when you look at the definitions of these crimes in physical space applying them in the metaverse, he explains.

He also revealed that the organization faces the challenge of raising awareness of possible metaverse crimes. However, this initiative marks the will of Interpol to fight against crimes committed online. It has also created a unit dedicated to the fight against crypto crimes.

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