India: Supreme Court calls for clear regulations on cryptos

India’s Supreme Court is fed up with free will in the crypto ecosystem. As the industry expands at a tremendous speed each year and incidents increase, she orders the Union government to find a solution for more control.

In India, the Supreme Court deplores the lack of rules on cryptos

The strong potential of cryptocurrencies sows terror in institutions. The sector is constantly evolving, and the Indian Supreme Court takes a dim view of the shape it is taking and does not hesitate to express it out loud. According to a report from Hindustan Times, she called on the Union government to make a firm decision around cryptos.

According to their statements, it is unfortunate that India still does not have a federal agency that establishes strict and firm rules on these emerging assets. Judges Surya Kant and Dipankar Datta believe it is time for their leaders to take matters into their own hands, especially given the volatility of the market. This requires the creation of a specialized national institution which will be able to play the role of police and investigate effectively in the event of incidents.

We must protect the country’s money, say the judges

There are many countries that seek at all costs to regulate cryptos. The European Union has finally released its law, and things are in progress in the United States for a complete regulation. While the others are working on it, it seems that the subject does not interest the Indian government and this is what irritates the judges.

According to them, there really needs to be a legislative mechanism around this ecosystem in order to avoid misappropriation of the country’s money. Note that regulatory uncertainty has reigned in India for a long time, making the country less favorable to cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this is one of the reasons that prompted the central bank of India to take an interest in the launch of a digital rupee.

The crypto sector and its roller coaster are worrying the Indian Supreme Court. Even though crypto proponents are enjoying this environment, it is time for India to set some clear rules. Either way, these claims are not isolated, as the Reserve Bank of India continues to work on a digital currency.

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