"I Am Not Satoshi", the new film about the identity of the creator of Bitcoin (BTC)

Over 13 years ago, bitcoin (BTC) was created by an entity nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, the crypto community still does not know who is hiding under this pseudonym. Many people have tried unsuccessfully to find out the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Now, a documentarian announces the production of a film on the subject.

A film that offers a comprehensive look at the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery

White Paper Films and director Chris Cannucciari plan to produce a film about the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto. They organize a fundraiser to film “I Am Not Satoshi” which means “I am not Satoshi”. This film will be above all a feature-length documentary. It will focus on research and debate around the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. It will provide a comprehensive look at the subject trying to explain why satoshi disappeared after the launch of bitcoin.

The documentary “I Am Not Satoshi” will present some theories put forward by researchers on Satoshi Nakamoto. He will discuss the reasons behind the fact that some actors say that it is better not to know who Satoshi is. Note that funding for the new film will come from crowdfunding via a token sale based on Avalanche (AVAX). The sale will take place on the Republic investment platform.

Otherwise, Chris Cannucciari revealed in a statement that:The film draws on the words of early bitcoin enthusiasts, journalists, and Satoshi’s mentors to guide us through the mystery.“. “Experts and witnesses will help us understand the events leading up to and following Satoshi’s disappearance. Our goal is to tell this story before the story becomes a myth“, he added.

Director Cannucciari has indicated that the film “I Am Not Satoshi” does not aim to “unmask” Satoshi Nakamoto. Rather, its goal is to “create a composite of why Satoshi was created and how he was able to succeed in cryptocurrency where so many others have failed.”

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