Hi: Customize your Mastercard with an NFT

This is a great first! In partnership with Mastercard, the Hi platform launches its fully customizable debit card with an NFT. Hi wants to be a great financial application at the forefront of the market by offering innovative offers. The company proves it with this novelty.

After the IBAN, here is Hi’s customizable Mastercard

Launched in January 2021, the Hi.com platform set itself a goal: to become a crypto-backed super financial app. In its design, Hi combines the features of PayPal, Robinhood or even Venmo. It is both a banking app and a crypto exchange. Behind this platform are two big names in DeFi: the former marketing director of Crypto.com and the former CEO of Bitcoin.com.

Hi launches the first customizable Mastercard debit card with an NFT.

The simple fact of staking Hi’s native token (HI DOLLAR) entitles you to membership and the many features of the application. A few months after its launch, Hi introduced personal IBANs for deposits and withdrawals in euros and pounds sterling. Today, it launches its unique Mastercard debit card, fully customizable with an NFT. Its roadmap emphasizes innovation. And the proposed offers/features seem to go in this direction.

Customization with an NFT: available collections

You should know that not all platform users automatically have access to this customizable card. Hi has several levels of membership determined by the amount invested and income combined. Only Gold level members and above are eligible for this debit card. In other words, those who have staked 100,000 native tokens (HI DOLLAR) and more. They can personalize their Mastercard Hi with an avatar that belongs to them.

Hi is launching a customizable Mastercard debit card with an NFT.

According to Hi, customization so far supports a limited number of collections. But the most popular are part of the lot like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. The following collections are also available for customization of the Mastercard Hi: Moonbirds, Goblins and Azukis. Users must provide proof of ownership of the work before they can use it for personalization.

A pioneer in the crypto card market

With his debit card MasterCard customizable, Hi is clearly a pioneer in the market. Sean Rach, co-founder of Hi is also convinced that this offer will improve things. He declares : ” The flexibility to spend fiat, stablecoins or other cryptos, combined with financial rewards and an attractive lifestyle, makes us confident that our card will be a game changer in the market. “.

Mastercard for its part aspires to a massive adoption of crypto cards by banking on this artistic strategy. In a statement, Christian Rau, Senior Vice President, Crypto and Fintech Enablement at Mastercard said, “As consumer interest in crypto and NFTs continues to grow, we are committed to making it an accessible payment choice for communities that wish to use them”. The Mastercard Hi will initially be available to members in over 25 EEA (European Economic Area) countries as well as the UK.

Through the personalization of this debit card, Hi, in partnership with Mastercard, wants to increase the appeal of crypto offers for a wider audience. With an easy-to-use card (combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use app), Hi also wants to make DeFi more accessible.

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