Here is the most popular "crypto starter" of the moment!

The web is full of advice for a better start to an adventure in investing in cryptocurrencies. While some sites direct laymen towards stablecoins, others fill them with hopes of gains with flagship cryptos such as bitcoin and ethereum. Nansen, in an on-chain analytics report shared last week, reported that newly created crypto wallets have been stocking up on SHIBs recently. Which, undoubtedly, grants the status of crypto starter to the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu (SHIB), the most popular crypto starter

The Shiba Inu, is he done with his misfortunes? In any case, its valuation at $0.000,008 in November has almost become history. Now that its price is around 0,000,012, new crypto wallets are stocking up on SHIB.

That’s what said Nansena blockchain analytics platform, last week reports CryptoPotato. On this occasion, nearly $56 million worth of SHIBs were funneled into around 12,000 freshly created wallets.

The stablecoins, bitcoin and ether would therefore not be able to dethrone the “Doge killer” among novices in crypto trading. To say that the two most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world have also abandoned their bad posture of last year.

This craze for the Shiba Inu has no explanations except:

  • the imminent advent of Shibarum, its Layer-2 blockchain which will materialize the spirit of the founder of Shiba Inu;
  • the dynamism displayed by the team behind this same corner and the unconditional support from the ShibArmy to Shytoshi Kusama;
  • and many others.

Some believe it, some don’t.

Like other cryptocurrencies, the Shiba Inu also attracts skeptics. There is in particular this Finder panel which argued that the same coin will collapse in 2030. Their prophecy as to the price of SHIB did not come true. Because instead of valuing at $0.0000018, according to their prediction, the crypto currency gained an additional zero.

But U°Today reported that David Gokshstein, founder of Gokhstein Media, will dump his SHIBs as soon as they hit $0.01.

“If the SHIB reaches a penny, I’m out”

Many Shiba Inu fans are waiting for their favorite cryptocurrency to value 1 cent. The road seems far for them, but they continue to believe in it. The seriousness displayed by the team behind this same corner serves as their motivation.

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