Crypto: Vitalik Buterin's opinion on regulation

The collapse of FTX has convinced crypto critics of the industry’s futility. Many report the risks of investing in crypto. Meanwhile, players in the sector are emphasizing all that it has as advantages. In this context, the founder of Ethereum indicated that the whole world needs cryptos. Vitalik Buterin gave four important use cases for these digital assets.

Donate to charities

In the press, Vitalik Buterin has addressed various important points in recent days on cryptos. He spoke in particular about the importance for exchanges to be more transparent. Then, he presented three opportunities that players in the sector should not miss. More recently, he spoke about the use cases of digital assets, during an interview on the Bankless podcast.

In the video of his interview, Buterin states that cryptos allow donations. “Just send $200,000 to a charity that gives money to the poor or supports health care in Africa, for example. I quickly send money to medical organizations based in all kinds of countries“, he explained.

The details of Vitalik Buterin’s remarks

Easily invest in companies

According to the founder of Ethereum, cryptos constitute one of the best ways to make mid-scale investments. In this sense, Buterin argues that crypto makes it possible to invest in startups. “These are all cases where cryptocurrencies are actually much more efficient than the existing banking system.“, explains the creator of ether (ETH).

Have a currency that rivals the dollar

Buterin explained that crypto enables governments around the world to avoid the US state having power over them. He asserted: “From the perspective of a country’s government, having 10% of your national economy suddenly realized in crypto is much less scary than 10% of your economy suddenly realized in US dollars.“.

Easily make cross-border payments

Vitalik explains that crypto enables people in developing countries to make cross-border payments easily and at low cost. It would therefore be very useful for the populations “in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia“.

Ethereum Founder Thinks Cryptos Could Be “the easiest way to save money“. “Due to its neutrality, crypto has an advantage that fiat currencies cannot have“, did he declare.

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