Google Play opens the doors to NFTs

Good news for big fans! Google Play is making a major change in its policy on digital assets, specifically NFTs.

Google Play’s New NFT Policy Makes Many Happy

Google Play’s New NFT Policy

To maintain its position in a highly competitive market, Google has no choice but to adapt to new technologies.

Specifically, Google Play now allows the integration of NFTs in applications and games. It simply means that it is possible to buy, sell or earn digital assets on the platform. The only condition: maintain transparency and respect the rules.

“This new policy allows our partners to reinvent traditional games by introducing user-owned content. What to reinforce the loyalty of the users thanks to unique NFT rewards », explain Joseph Mills, Google Play Group Product Manager.

Good news for partners

Reddit worked closely with Google to implement this new NFT policy. She was therefore the first to congratulate the platform’s approach.

“The updated guidelines aim to create a level playing field that promotes user trust and responsible use of blockchain technology”said Matt Williamson, senior director of engineering at Reddit.

That’s not all ! The integration of NFTs with Google Play also offers considerable economic benefits. According to estimates, the global NFT market is expected to reach a value of several billion dollars within the next few years. Google Play’s new policy will therefore allow developers to take advantage of this trend.

A few restrictions to keep in mind

Google Play maintains terms and restrictions. The goal : ensure trust and security users.

  • Developers are not permitted to promote potential earnings from gaming or trading activities related to non-fungible tokens.
  • Apps that do not meet the game eligibility requirements are not allowed to promote the purchase of items.

We already know that Google Play’s decision will open new perspectives for NFT developers.

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