Google Cloud partners with Voltage to facilitate bitcoin (BTC) payments for professionals

Hand in hand, the Lightning as a Service (Laas) provider Voltage and Google Cloud will democratize the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This partnership should lead to solutions for real-time and cost-effective payments for companies.

Voltage, for global access to Lightning and bitcoin

The Lightning Network (LN) may have competitors like ARK or Spend The Bits. But that doesn’t stop him from smashing records. On June 24, the network recorded a record capacity of 5,630 BTC. Thus, the crypto exchange rush like Binance, Coinbase and Kraken to this two-way payment device has finally paid off.

If we take into account the recent news, the democratization of the Lightning Network will further accelerate. The recently established partnership between Voltage and Google Cloud will indeed help with this.

Voltage and Google Cloud join forces to democratize bitcion and the Lighting Network

NEW: Google Cloud has partnered with Voltage, a Bitcoin Lightning infrastructure specialist.

Google may use Voltage ‘like their outsourced Bitcoin and Lightning team’, says Voltage CEO »

Graham Krizek, CEO of infrastructure provider specializing in the Bitcoin Lightning network, announced that:

Voltage relies on Google Cloud to serve its customers globally. So we have larger customers who need nodes deployed in specific geographies like UK and Asia “.

Google, on the other hand, can use Voltage as ” a sort of outsourced Bitcoin and Lightning team “. ” We provide this service for them, helping companies that want to add Bitcoin or Lightning to their services “, he continued.

Google Cloud, a late arrival?

Google has never snubbed cryptocurrencies, nor blockchain technology and Web3. At the start of the year, for example, CZ revealed that the American giant is feeding its users cryto data taken from CoinMarketCap.

As for this projectintegrating the Bitcoin Lightning network into Google’s data and cloud computing service, this is truly a first. Former Googlers see this initiative as a “ kind of unexpected commitment [sur les réseaux sociaux] that definitely grabs the attention of people at Google breathes Christopher Calicott, CEO of Tramell Venture Partners.

Accepting the outstretched hand from Voltage will allow Google Cloud to deployment to international of several bitcoin-based services. And at the same time, it will make Voltage’s business increasingly accessible to businesses.

In addition, we will note here the three axes on which Voltage works:

  • business support in money transfers on LN;
  • use of the Bitcion Lighting interoperable standard to reach as many customers as possible;
  • and facilitation of microtransactions apart from obsolete TradFi devices.

In short, making the Lightning Network accessible to businesses is in a way giving them the possibility of faster payments than Visa cards.

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