Google Bard: The Chatbot finally accessible in Europe

Bard, Google’s conversational chatbot has remained inaccessible in Europe since its launch. European regulators had indeed prevented the deployment of the tool on the old continent by pointing out its shortcomings with regard to the protection of user data. This bad patch, which lasted about three months, is now history for Google. Indeed, the Mountain View company has announced that European users can now take advantage of Bard’s services. The tool also offers new features and is available in many languages.

Google Bard is gaining ground

Great victory for Google, which had seen the launch of its conversational AI, Bard blocked by the EU for several months! After satisfying the requirements of the regulators, Google said this July 13 that his chatbot is finally accessible in Europe, but also in Brazil. Available in 180 countries prior to this announcement, the tool is now available to users in over 230 countries and territories.

This remarkable expansion has cost Google some concessions and privacy guarantees, as testified by the American company’s director of product management, Jack Krawczyk. “We have proactively engaged with policymakers and privacy regulators on this expansion.” The official also affirmed that the dialogue will continue with the authorities as the product develops.

New features and new languages

Along with the expansion, Google’s Conversational AI also comes with new features. These include voice synthesis, the sharing function or even the modification of the tone of the answers. Users can also pin conversations to easily find them later. Additionally, Google Bard now offers the ability to query with images. However, this feature is currently only available in English.

Finally, Google announced that its conversational AI now includes more than 40 languages. These include French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and many other widely spoken languages ​​around the world.

With these important changes, Google Bard, the chatbot competitor to ChatGPT clearly displays its ambition to impose itself on the market. Will these innovations be enough to steal the limelight from the Open AI tool, which already enjoys great notoriety?

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