Mexico: Bitcoin (BTC) is part of the Citizen Movement's agenda

Committed and at the forefront of the cause for the adoption of bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender in Mexico, the senator of Nuevo Leon, Indira Kempis recently submitted a bill to the union congress, which represents the legislative body of the federation. An approach that aims to stimulate national debate on the issue. A debate which, according to the member of the Mouvement Citoyen party, must include the authorities and President Andres Manuel Obrador.

Will BTC finally be the subject of a national debate?

The leader’s unwavering commitment to the legalization of BTC in Mexico has grown stronger in recent months, where her position has been more echoed in public opinion. She has never failed to speak on numerous occasions to defend this project. This has further contributed to fueling the debate among the population. But more is needed to make it a national debate.

For the senator, the good news is that her party, the Mouvement Citoyen, has now included the question in golden letters in its policy for the defense of financial inclusion. The fact that the party integrates the question is a first step towards its consideration as a matter of national interest.

Recently, the senator felt that the potential for bitcoin and blockchain adoption would help foster greater financial inclusion in the country, but also reduce the social inequalities that exist there. And to add that the question must necessarily be debated.

“We know that the evolution of the internet is cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but we in Mexico haven’t even gone through this debate that should reach the legislative branch or the Mexican executive branch to know exactly what we can do “she regretted.

Mexico is one of the countries with the most crypto wallet holders in the world. According to Gemini, a crypto exchange platform, in 2022 the adoption rate of the flagship crypto is 22% in 2022. A result obtained after a survey of nearly 30,000 adults in 20 different countries.

For the Citizen Movement, BTC is a tool that can promote financial inclusion and stimulate economic development. While the national debate around the adoption of BTC is not sufficiently nourished, the party has made it its leitmotiv for the defense of financial freedom.

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