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Former world chess champion and president of the Human Rights Foundation, Garry Kasparov, is a staunch crypto enthusiast. For him, cryptos are a tool for expressing freedom and balancing the odds for everyone. He campaigns for crypto donations to areas in humanitarian distress around the world to be strengthened.

Cryptos can empower individuals

During a interview which he gave to Forbes, Gary Kasparov talked about the importance of cryptos for individuals. According to him, they have the ability to empower individuals and take it away from governments and central banks. However, he did not rule out the possibility that this technology could be used for good or bad purposes. He added that crypto provides a level playing field and empowers people to support good causes, citing the work of the Human Rights Foundation in Belarus and Afghanistan as examples.

“I feel like crypto is part of the global struggle to empower people. We are not just talking about the terrorist agenda of dictators and terrorists and all kinds of authoritarians”has declared the legend of chess.

The interview relayed by Human Rights Foundation

What about CBDCs?

Gary Kasparov also spoke about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). He expressed concern about their potential for use as a tool for government control. He argued that CBDCs could give governments even more power to monitor and control individuals’ financial transactions. They could also be used to punish people who express dissent or engage in activities that run counter to government programs.

“We have to look very carefully at our own governments. Every government tries to gain more space at our expense. This is why major investors and high officials, the Fed, have negative comments on cryptos and bitcoin. They understand that he takes away their power, the power to control not only the macro economy, but also our pockets”he noted.

Overall, Gary Kasparov indicates that new technologies have the potential to empower individuals. They can also be used as tools of oppression and control. It will be up to society to ensure that the positive aspects of crypto technology are brought to the fore and used to promote freedom and human rights, he concluded.

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