Focus on the 2023 objectives of the Fantom ecosystem

Andre Cronje spoke directly to the Fantom Foundation team on December 26th. He congratulated him for his consistency and for his victory, despite the bear market, but not only! The developer also took the time to remind the team of the mission and the goal of the Fantom Foundation. A goal that will be centered on creating an environment for DApps developers to build sustainable businesses.

Andre Cronje shares Fantom’s 2023 roadmap

Fantom wants to differentiate itself from other Layer 1 solutions

Fantom is an open source smart contract platform. It is renowned for its speed and high throughput for digital assets and DApps. It also stands out for its reliability.

On the platform, users enjoy almost instantaneous transactions. Added to this are extremely low fees. It is even capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. Moreover, it adapts to thousands of nodes.

According to Andre Cronje during his speech, Fantom will continue to evolve. More importantly, it will stand out from other Layer 1 solutions. For the year 2023, it will focus on creating a favorable environment for app developers. An environment that will give them all the possibilities to create sustainable businesses.

Andre Cronje returns to the company

This year, Andre Cronje also marks his return to Fantom. He himself revealed that he has accepted a position as a member of the Board of Directors with Fantom Foundation Ltd and Fantom Operations Ltd.

After a period of withdrawal from the world of cryptocurrencies, this emblematic figure of decentralized finance thus rejoins the team. As a reminder, Andre Cronje was heavily involved in the blockchain ecosystem before stepping down temporarily.

But it is with pride and full of ambition that he shares Fantom’s 2023 roadmap with the foundation’s team.

The departure of Andre Cronje from the foundation led to the fall of all tokens linked to the Fantom network. But the situation has probably changed! Just the announcement of his probable return led to an increase in FTM course. Hopefully his reinstatement will further boost Fantom’s success in 2023.

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