Ethereum: Polygon (MATIC) deploys its public Tesnet zkEVM

Polygon (MATIC) has materialized its announcement made last July on the launch of its zkEVM solution. Indeed, the platform has made available its Testnet with an open-source ZK proof system. This is something to delight the Ethereum community. Also, Polygon (MATIC) is seeking the assistance of all users to test its solution and thus participate in the scalability of Ethereum.

Polygon zkEVM launches its testnet

A technological leap for Ethereum

The challenge of this step will be to test the limits of the equivalence of zkEVM with Ethereum. For this, Polygon (MATIC) invites the entire user community to register on the zkEVM Testnet. The goal is to put their solution to the test by reporting bugs and exploring the code.

In addition, DeFi platforms based on EVMs are already willing to deploy the zkEVM Testnet in their protocols. These are Aave and Uniswap. In addition, the social platform Web3 Lens and the game studio Midnight Society responded favorably to the call from Polygon (MATIC).

Concretely, what will it change?

Accelerating Polygon zkEVM compatibility with Ethereum will result in a Type 2 zkEVM solution. Additionally, it comes with EVM equivalence and efficient ZK proof generation to address scalability issues on Ethereum.

Consequently, the Ethereum community will thus be able to benefit from a final product adapted to Web3 that it will have participated in building. With the full deployment of Polygon zkEVM, it will benefit from better confidentiality and security of information as well as reduced transaction costs.

Polygon zkEVM wants to be fully compatible with Ethereum. All existing smart contracts, developer tools as well as wallets already built on Ethereum will work smoothly. This is confirmed by Polygon (MATIC) in the presentation of his solution.

Polygon (MATIC) promises to deliver the holy book of scalability. However, the platform is not the only one to have followed suit with the extension of Ethereum. Indeed, Matter Labs, with its zkSync solution, has had its testnet in place since February and plans to deploy its mainnet by the end of October. The Ethereum scalability race is definitely in full swing.

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