Ethereum (ETH): You are not ready!

Between bitcoin and Ethereum, competition is fierce on the crypto markets. However, current Ethereum developments cast doubt. The imprint of Vitalik Buterin is well felt on this blockchain. The announcement of Proof-of-Stake surprised you? Well you’re definitely not ready for what’s to come.

A new era for Ethereum?

Ethereum’s arrival in the markets has been somewhat tarnished due to Bitcoin’s dominance. Although the two blockchains are still in competition, each stands out in its own way. For years, BTC has undoubtedly overshadowed theETH. Although it is the second crypto in terms of market capitalization, its value is far from equaling that of bitcoin.

Nevertheless, although many investors support the queen of cryptos, Vitalik Buterin has been able to develop the platform and propel it forward. The developments currently taking place on the blockchain promise surprises that no one really expects.

The Ethereum co-founder recently presented the platform’s new roadmap. If we were used to seeing ETH in the background, things are certainly about to change. Vitalik Buterin announced a chain of events that will make Ethereum a top blockchain.

Indeed, it turns out that more than 44 million contracts have been deployed on Ethereum since its launch. And freight forwarders have around 50% active contracts, representing around $12 million.

A new approach… and new projects!

The fifth edition of the Ethereum Community Conference has updated new details of the ecosystem. Between Vyper’s progression and the various upgrades, nothing stands up to Buterin. The launch of The Merge is generating unparalleled excitement and it shows in the results.

For the first time, the total amount of ETH Options outperformed that of BTC Options. Over time, Vitalik’s work grows and could soon rank ahead of bitcoin by many reviews. the tweet Recent Emre proves how Ethereum development is having positive effects on the platform and on crypto.

Indeed, the price of Ethereum Classic has increased by more than 100% in just one month. Even though the rise in ETC seems to overshadow ETH, in reality it is not. As a result, updates made on the blockchain have a positive impact on all its derivatives.

The ongoing transitions on the Ethereum network will surprise many. Although the course of theETH has fallen during the downtrend, the blockchain does not give up and continues to progress. The breakdown of the dominant contract codes on Ethereum proves how unprepared the market is for what is brewing on the platform. Can we trust the changes planned by Vitalik Buterin?

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