Ethereum: Dencun update (again) postponed!

Ethereum developers have just confirmed the news: the Dencun upgrade in a hard fork of the network will not take place before the end of 2023. Despite testing attempts on developer networks, consensus issues persist and prevent its deployment. This decision is already raising concerns within the Ethereum community.

Ethereum developers announce postponement of Dencun update

Ethereum still facing consensus issues

Last month, the successful (delayed!) launch of the new Holešky testnet already raised concerns about the Dencun upgrade. The developers met persistent consensus issues across all 10 developer networks (devnets) deployed to evaluate the upgrade.

These devnets revealed:

  • recurring dysfunctions,
  • client desynchronizations,
  • invalid blocks,
  • frequent blockages.

Enough to fuel concerns about the possibility of implementing a hard fork on the Ethereum main network in 2023. In this sense, the pseudonymous Prysm developer, Potuz, even stated: “There is no way we will fork the Ethereum mainnet in 2023”.

Dencun upgrade postponed to 2024

Faced with these technical difficulties, developers have no choice but to postpone the long-awaited update. According to the announcement released on October 26, Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade would not be deployed in a hard fork of the network before the end of 2023. A major hard fork nevertheless remains planned according to the explanations. It would make older versions of the software incompatible. This means that all Ethereum users will need to update their clients if they want to continue using the network.

True, Ethereum developers plan to launch the upgrade on a public test network (testnet) by the end of the year. However, they want to avoid rushing the process to ensure security and reliability. Some even prefer to wait for feedback from users and developers at the Devconnect conference scheduled for November in Istanbul before upgrading. To be continued…

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