Take fans out of the equation, and the whole industry will collapse. This is one of the leitmotifs of the developers of Heroez, this Web3-native club which aims to restore value to fans. As the time for private sales and public sales of its NFTs is approaching, we are revealing some details about this project.

Esport DAO: Heroez brings fans back to the center of everything!

Heroez, imminent mint of a first series of NFT

The Heroez roadmap tells us that this September will see the mint of a first wave of 3,000 NFTs as well as the first DAO vote.

On his official Twitter account, Heroez had also indicated some details about this mint:

  • private sale: 5 pm CET;
  • public sale: 8 pm CET.

On his website, a countdown allows us to locate the exact time of this mint. At the time of writing this article, there were about 2 hours left before the announcement of the private sales.

Time left before private sales of Heroez NFTs

Heroez in a nutshell

As we said at the start, Heroez wants to give more importance to esports fans. The initial idea of ​​its developers was to ” start from scratch with the community “. A promise that many initiators of Web3 projects in esports have not been able to honor until now.

Where others have failed, Heroez thinks of erecting a new model of decentralization conducive to community governance. Based mainly on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the company intends to set up an international and decentralized esports team.

The initial NFT sale scheduled to take place today will help fund the Heroez organization.

Brief presentation of the project

Currently, the Heroez club has more than 1 million fans scattered around the world. It is also made up of very talented players and soon the 11,1111 holders of NFT Heroez who will be responsible for governance of the ecosystem.

Note also that Heroez allows active participation in the organization for NFT holders: game selections, team composition, etc. He also does not hesitate to share the value of the ecosystem formed of exclusive utility to them.

In terms of rewards, Heroez has also planned airdrops, discounts, exclusive access… And its choice of transparency, coupled with the application of minimal fees, will not fail to seduce its fans.

Very ambitious, the Heroez team wants the apprehension of ” fan ship changes, that esports has a new face. And even more, it intends to develop ” a new form of leading esports club, and a brand “. Added to this are other promises that will make its fans the center of its ecosystem, since the ” progressive decentration is a leitmotif at Heroez. More active positions will, for example, be observed when the number and quality of interactions between the club and the fans increase. And more.

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