Do Kwon: “I make no effort to hide myself”

After the fall of Terra, Do Kwon suddenly left South Korea to hole up in Singapore. Fortunately, since several disgruntled investors wanted to attack him without having to go to court. At the moment, the South Korean authorities are on his trail. And when the latter called on their Singaporean counterparts to arrest him, they found an empty apartment. However, Kwon keeps repeating on Twitter that he is not running from the police.

Does the founder of Terra continue to live normally?

Source: Cointelegraph

Yes, as I said, I make no effort to hide myself. I walk around and I go to the malls, it’s impossible that no CT has passed me in the last two weeks. »

This is how Do Kwon responded to members of the crypto community on Twitter. Community who continues to question him about his possible escape to Singapore. To see his post, we can say that the arrest warrant issued by the South Korean authorities does not worry him. And even less the Interpol red notice.

Source: Cointelegraph

For something that has the name “notice”, it does not give a notice. »

However, the founder of Terra is no longer in his luxurious hiding place in Singapore, the place where he was interviewed by Zack Guzman. And he has no intention of revealing any information about his current location. Isn’t he about to face a penalty for breaking financial market laws following the failure of Luna and TerraUSD?

In any case, Do Kwon remains very active on social networks. In his last post on Twitter, he said he had not left Singapore. An assertion denied by Reuters in its report of September 17.

A transfer history of 3,313 bitcoins

Terra founder Do Kwon transferred 3,313 BTC after an arrest warrant was issued for him, CoinDesk Korea reports. »

Watcher Guru reported that the fugitive TerraForm Labs boss may be involved in the $69 million transfer. It is said that this sum would serve as funds for his evacuation.

In a normal criminal investigation, if a large sum of money is moved from the suspect’s account, after an arrest warrant has been issued, it is natural to conduct an intensive investigation with suspicions of money laundering and concealment. First we need to check if the money will be used as an evacuation fund. »

Saying that these transferred bitcoins were from the Luna Foundation Guard wallet [LFG]. By creating a wallet on Binance, the latter was able to issue 1,354 BTC to Kucoin, and 1,959 BTC to OKX. Strangely, these transactions took place on September 15, the day after the arrest warrant was issued against Do Kwon.

Fortunately, the Seoul South District Prosecutor’s Office was able to request the freezing of his assets in time.

Do Kwon, although he suggested a hard fork of Terra that resulted in a no less interesting project, is not at all clean before the law. The problem being that no one can locate him at the moment. Is this the reason for his insolence on Twitter, knowing that he has substantial assets allowing him to slip away forever?

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