ERC and EIP: The stroke of genius of Ethereum developers!

Things are moving a lot on the Ethereum side. After long discussions, the developers of the most popular blockchain in the world have succeeded in separation of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) from Ethereum Research Concept (ERC). Details !

The ERC separated from the EIP

L’Ethereum of tomorrow will rather be focused “ security and privacy “, reassured Tim Beiko, lead developer of the blockchain. According to him, the EIP-7503 will guarantee private transfers of ETH on the network once finalized.

But Ethereum developers do not plan to stop until this blockchain experiences a satisfactory level of development.

After years of discussion, the split of ERC and EIP in Ethereum has been officially completed. The goal of the ERC is to provide high-quality, standardized documentation for the Ethereum application layer and track past and ongoing improvements to application standards, while the core of the EIP is an improvement of the Ethereum consensus protocol. »

According to Crypto TimesEthereum developers brilliantly succeeded in separating ERCs from EIPs, as well as creation of a new repository for all ERCs. The crypto media also mentioned a proposal to distinguish the two in a single Github repository last July.

With this new achievement, Ethereum Improvement Proposals will no longer be associated with core improvement proposals.

Note also that this story of separation has already been discussed for a long time. However, it suffered from internal prioritization.

For years we considered separating the repository. This would allow the ERC and EIP specifications to beevolve more naturally because of their independence “, we can read in the proposal.

Through this initiative, Ethereum will benefit from a clarity of documentation and standards for its platform. At the same time, they will become well structured and adaptable to the community and its environment. Other issues will be resolved after this separation of the ERC from the IEP, which is expected to improve the efficiency of Ethereum development and experience for developers and users.

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