Crypto: Anti-crime experts leave Binance

Considered the first crypto exchange in the world, Binance is today facing a wave of departures. Specifically, we are referring to the resignations of two key figures: Jennifer Hicks and Suleiman M. These departures raise questions about the future of Binance’s fight against crime.

Binance: head of counterterrorism leaves crypto company

Binance loses its two flagship anti-crime experts

For several months now, a wave of departure has shaken Binance. The crypto exchange is in fact the center of several resignationsincluding that of:

  • its product manager,
  • its head of the Asia-Pacific region,
  • several managers overseeing operations in different countries.

The latest are those of two anti-crime experts.

Jennifer Hicks served as a senior counterterrorism official at Binance. His departure, announced on LinkedIn, is particularly remarkable. Indeed, she was appointed just two months ago to lead crypto company Binance’s first counterterrorism financial advisory board.

Suleiman., another key member of Binance’s financial crime investigation team, also announced his departure on LinkedIn. “Recent dismissal,” he cited as the reason for his departure.

Personnel changes are increasing in the crypto industry

Binance is not the only crypto company facing a wave of resignations. Coinbase is also experiencing the same situation. Its vice president of international and business development, Nana Murugesan, announced her intention to leave the company early next year.

These personnel changes reflect the evolution of the crypto sector. Crypto businesses are indeed facing new challenges, including regulation and the fight against financial crime. For many, these upheavals could herald new strategies and approaches. The goal: to meet the complex challenges of the world of digital assets.

In any case, the next few months will be decisive for Binance. The crypto company will have to replace its anti-crime experts. Another challenge: maintaining its leading position in the fight against financial crime.

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