Elon Musk redesigns Twitter: The blue bird becomes 'X'

Hold on to your keyboards, a digital revolution is on the way! The famous social network, Twitter, known for its emblematic blue bird, is preparing for a radical transformation. At the maneuver, the intrepid Elon Musk, who not only owns Twitter, but wants to reinvent it in a bold way. Welcome to the era of ‘X’.

Twitter’s New Beginning

There’s a new era on the horizon for social media giant, Twitter. It has become clear that Elon Musk is not content to just be the captain of the ship. In fact, he is also ready to completely redo the hull plans.

The mirror of our digital age, which has always been adorned with the charming little blue bird of Twitter, is undergoing a profound transformation to become ‘X’.

In the dead of night, like a sculptor working in his studio, Musk tweeted relentlessly, announcing Twitter’s impending metamorphosis into an ‘X’. It sparked an anticipatory thrill with cryptic tweets like “Deus X”.

According to Musk, the new version of Twitter could allow users to send and receive money. This ambitious feature would open the door to a financial revolution, with X positioning itself as a key player in the global financial system.

Contrasting reactions to transformation

Twitter’s new identity drew mixed reactions. While some Musk enthusiasts applaud the change, other longtime users of the messaging service don’t seem particularly excited about the makeover. Brownlee brands, user of the platform since 2009, said he would continue to call it Twitter, to which Musk replied, “Not for long.”

The choice of the symbol ‘X’ is not fortuitous. He has a long history with Musk and has been present in almost everything he has touched over the past two decades. Whether it’s X.com, the old name of Paypal, SpaceX, the name of its rocket company, or even the Tesla SUV, ‘X’ has always had a special place.

Thus, Musk’s 2017 acquisition of X.com finally found use, cementing Twitter’s passage into the Musk era with a clear statement: this is no longer the same social network as before the Musk acquisition.

In reaction to these developments, the new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, hailed the start of this new era.

According to her, X is still in its infancy, promising even more changes to come. The vision is clear: to push Twitter to realize its maximum potential, to dream bigger, to innovate faster.

The repercussions on the crypto sector

The impact of Musk’s announcement was also felt in the crypto sector. The ‘X’ token, which is not tied to Musk or Twitter, has seen a stratospheric rise of over 1000% since the announcement. Although this upward explosion appears to be the result of rampant speculation, it shows the indirect influence Musk has in the cryptocurrency space.

Bluebird’s journey to ‘X’ has only just begun. In the skilful hands of Elon Musk and under the leadership of Linda Yaccarino, Twitter seems ready to open a new chapter in its history. A story where the social network could not only change its skin, but also redefine its role in the global financial ecosystem. The path seems well traced for Twitter, with its rival being removed from the app store. Let’s wait to see how this vision materializes in the months to come.

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