CZ Strikes Back: The Truth About Binance and the Liquidation Vote

The intrigue around the supposed liquidation of the American branch of Binance, thickens, with the CEO, Changpeng Zhao (alias CZ), personally entering the scene to refute these rumors. So what is the truth behind this saga?

The voice of the master: Changpeng Zhao (CZ) speaks

Amidst the media storm surrounding Binance and the threat of liquidation, CZ decided to take the lead. In a tweet incisive, he denied the information conveyed by The Information, qualifying the quality of their research and their validation of “appalling”.

This statement is not surprising, as a business leader would seek to allay any concerns that may disrupt its operations.

CZ went further by highlighting a crucial detail: the voting process. “If it’s a board vote, 1 out of 3 votes won’t stop anything. The 2/3 wins, » he specified.

Furthermore, he suggested that the board’s deadlock on the issue had no real impact.

Changpeng Zhao also recalled that Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder, although opposed to liquidation, is not an investor and therefore his vote does not carry the same weight as that of shareholders.

FUD: A Powerful Tool in Information Warfare

CZ ended his tweet by accusing the report of spreading “FUD.” An expression widely used in the crypto industry to refer to the “ Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt », meaning fear, uncertainty and doubt.

This is a disinformation technique that consists of influencing perception by disseminating negative informationtrue or false.

CZ subtly turned this weapon against his accusers, insinuating that the liquidation rumors were deliberately spread to harm Binance. Which, in itself, could be a deft defense strategy by the CEO to galvanize support from the crypto community.

So what do these revelations mean for Binance? While the Binance.US liquidation speculations have been debunked, they reflect a troubling reality: the increased regulation the platform faces. The very real regulatory challenges remain. Despite everything, CZ showed unwavering resilience in the face of these challenges. It is undeniable that, in the face of obstacles, Binance and CZ intend to resist

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