Cryptoskeptic offers 'Christmas gift' to bitcoin holders

Peter Schiff is definitely the strongest anti-bitcoin voice currently. The cryptoskeptic does not miss a single opportunity to criticize the flagship crypto as well as the altcoins. One would have thought he would make an exception on a holiday, but that was not the case. This is what Peter Schiff offered to bitcoin holderss as a Christmas present.

The sensational exit of Peter Schiff on Christmas Day

Once again, Peter Schiff thinks of a drop in the price of the flagship crypto. Indeed, this December 25, the cryptoskeptic invited BTC holders to sell their holdings. According to him, it was his way of giving them a (cynical) gift, because he portends a sharp decline.

In a tweetPeter Schiff explained: My Christmas gift to HODLers is this Bitcoin chart. As you can see, bitcoin is much closer to its high than its low. The yellow line that was once support is now resistance “.

Peter Schiff’s “gift”

He added that ” upside potential of bitcoin is very weak. On the other hand, ” downside risk is high “, then ” it makes sense to sell today “. To close his “good deed”, the cryptoskeptic said HODLers can thank him later. He suggested that he had just, through his advice, offered them the opportunity to save money.

Bitcoin would be an “anti-gold”, according to Schiff

In one another tweet, on December 25, Peter Schiff indicated that bitcoin is the opposite of gold. ” It looks a bit like gold in 1999. But I doubt bitcoin will follow the same path. Instead of going up, bitcoin is likely to crash. Bitcoin is the anti-gold “, explained the cryptoskeptic.

You should know that Schiff considers cryptos as uniquely a means of speculation. He has often argued that they are not real money. According to him, the one and only safe haven asset that exists is physical gold.

It is true that the year 2022 so far has had a bitter taste for bitcoin (BTC). Analysts recognize this, but many still see a bright future for the flagship crypto. Meanwhile, Schiff argues that he knows more about the flagship crypto than bitcoiners and the crypto will crash.

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