Crypto: What if Bart Simpson predicted XRP at $589?

The famous television series The Simpsons (The Simpsons) is known for its many predictions that have come true. Several of his scenes have aptly prophesied important events in the contemporary world. The series has been a huge hit around the world, garnering dozens of awards. For some time, an image that has gone viral has been circulating on the Internet. It shows Bart Simpson, one of the show’s main characters, scribbling a message. This message predicts that XRP will reach $589. But, is the image really from the Simpsons series?

XRP speculators have been tricked!

Several crypto media have published the image by Bart Simpson who indicated that XRP would reach the value of $589 before the end of 2022. Ripple speculators also highlighted it while specifying that they were impatiently waiting for the prediction to come true. But, it has been revealed that this viral image of Bart Simpson is completely wrong.

The image circulating on social media happens to be from the year 2020. No scene from the Simpsons animated series shows such an image. It is true that an episode of the series was dedicated to cryptos and aired in 2020. But, it did not contain a prediction on the price of XRP.

The episode titled “Frinkcoin” aired on February 23, 2020 on the Fox Television Network. It focused on Professor Frink, an old character on the show. In this episode, the eminent scientist was trying to develop his own crypto.

As for the image showing Bart scribbling the price of XRP on a blackboard, it comes from a YouTube channel. Indeed, it is found in a video thumbnail of the channel “XRP talk and speculation”. The channel admitted having created this image specifically for one of its videos.

The YouTube channel, which created the image by Bart Simpson, currently going viral, tweeted that could have prevented the media from spreading misinformation. But, it seems that the tweet went completely unnoticed.

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