Crypto: The suspect of a case of theft of several million dollars in BTC arrested!

There are countless revelations about theft and fraud cases in the crypto universe. Earlier this week, the story of a man who invested more than a million dollars in a trading scam, via cryptos, caught the attention on social networks in the United States. We have just learned that in the Netherlands, a man (whose identity has not been revealed) allegedly took a large sum of bitcoins (BTC) from a third party, who was also anonymous until then.

Lots of stolen bitcoins!

On September 6, Dutch police arrested a 39-year-old man, the main suspect in a bitcoin (BTC) theft case. The damage is estimated at several million dollarsaccording to local authorities, who did not give further details.

According to cross-checked information, the man laundered the stolen bitcoins using malware from the wallet open-source Electrum. That is, he was using a fake version of the Electrum wallet to conceal his transactions. Once this operation was executed, the stolen bitcoin was converted into Monero (XMR) and vice versa. We also learn that the suspicious would have used the crypto exchange Bisq to cover the tracks on the origin of the transactions.

For information, Bisq is a decentralized exchange that allows p2p transactions to exchange bitcoins for fiat currencies or other digital assets, while remaining anonymous.

The man was arrested following a raid on his home. Several sensitive documents on operations and gains from his maneuvers were then seized. But after two days in police custody, the soon to be forty-something was released.

However, the police authorities have assured that the investigation is continuing. Now, two cybercrime units in the center and east of the country are working on the case. Their goal is to shed light on this case and bring the person who committed the offense to justice. Ongoing efforts between police, banks and businesses are also underway. The parties exchange information and identify other potential suspects, police said.

The case is widely commented on social networks in the country. Some believe that technically, the police does not have the means to shed light on the case and to trace the origin of the transactions, a sine qua non condition for establishing the guilt of the suspect.

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