Crypto: The end of the Binance VS SEC affair is (very) near

After months (if not years!) of fierce struggle, the legal battle between Binance and the SEC is coming to an end. For many crypto experts, this marks a major turning point for the crypto market.

The SEC uses every strategy possible to defeat the crypto company Binance

Binance vs SEC: The ultimate showdown

Since the start of the quarrel, analyzes have been going well on the identity of the lucky winner. Some were betting on cryptocurrency giant Binance. Others guaranteed the victory of the American crypto regulator. Each of the two parties seemed to take the advantage at a certain moment. Both firmly sticking to their position.

Today we know that the final confrontation between the crypto company Binance and the SEC is almost over. After a long journey of legal requests and strategic depositions, the two giants are preparing for the last act.

The SEC has demanded detailed information from cryptocurrency exchange Binance about its operations, including customer asset management and crypto wallet software. In answer, Binance provided 300,000 pages of documents. For its part, the crypto exchange loudly claims to have fulfilled its disclosure obligations.

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The founder of the crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, at the heart of the resolution of the conflict with the SEC

Pending his sentencing, postponed to April 30, 2024, Changpeng Zhao, the founder of the crypto company Binance, happens to be at the center of resolving legal battle with SEC. The American crypto regulator actually asked him specific questions. The objective: to simplify the current crypto affair and to reduce research.

Despite tense discussions, CZ showed a willingness to address the SEC’s concerns. This dialogue could indicate an improvement in relations between the two parties. He also testifies to a desire for transparency on the part of Binance.

The court plans to complete all discovery and deposition processes by April. The resolution of the crypto dispute between Binance and the SEC is therefore imminent. Whatever the outcome, it will definitely affect the crypto market.

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