“The bigger the crypto regulations, the better for Coinbase”

The soap opera on the launch of the hard fork of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain is far from knowing its epilogue. The users of this blockchain have been eagerly awaiting the update for several months now. Indeed, it has always been postponed either for technical reasons or because the team in charge was encountering difficulties. Now it’s cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s turn to step in and signal that it’s not ready for the hard fork.

Exchanges such as Coinbase expected…

The Cardano (ADA) blockchain is currently one of the best known and most widely used. It was created with the aim of solving the identity management issues blockchain users. It has become so popular that its native ADA token is now 8e largest cryptocurrency, given its market capitalization, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

To make the blockchain even more efficient and to fully meet the needs of users, Cardano (ADA) must undergo a hard fork named Vasil. However, for it to be effective and really become a success, the intervention of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase is required. Only, on this date, only a few scholarships responded to the call. Bitrue, BitMart, MEXC and LCX are the only ones who have already carried out operations in order to make their system compatible with the Vasil hard fork.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges have taken steps to achieve the long-awaited update. These are Bitfinex, Hotbit, Upbit, Kraken, OKex and Binance. For its part, Coinbase, one of the largest digital asset companies in the world, is lagging behind.

The constant postponement of the upgrade

In order for the Vasil hard fork to be effectively functional on the mainnet, a majority of At least 25 cryptocurrency exchanges implement the steps to accommodate the update.

With Coinbase lagging, if other digital asset exchanges update their nodes, its users could face problems during transactions including the ADA cryptocurrency. In any case, while waiting for Coinbase to update, its customers let it be known that they are unhappy because they have been hoping for Vasil for a long time.

The Vasil update has already been postponed several times this year. In principle, it was supposed to be available already in July, but due to the discovery of bugs on the testnet, Vasil was postponed. But recently, the creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, made it known that the hard fork will be launched “during the month of September”. Of course, this must be taken with a grain of salt.

The launch of the Vasil hard fork still causes a lot of ink and saliva to flow. While several cryptocurrency exchanges have already developed techniques in an effort to accommodate the upgrade, Coinbase says it is not ready. As a result, it receives criticism from its users.

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