Crypto: The Defi sector registers a new hack

The Kyber Network platform is a blockchain that allows you to exchange tokens at the best rates in the DeFi sector. It connects different sources to promote transactions at affordable rates. Unfortunately, Kyber Network recently suffered a hack. Here is his reaction after this event.

The KyberSwap interface hacked!

In a tweet 1er September, Kyber Network said, “ We have identified and neutralized a featon the KyberSwap frontend. Affected users will be compensated.“. Indeed, a “suspicious itemwas detected on the frontend of the platform at 15:24 GMT+7. Having discovered that it is malware, Kyber Network instantly disabled the affected code. After investigation, the platform now has a list of addresses of confirmed and suspected hackers.

The losses recorded following this hack are $265,000. Kyber Network promises to refund user funds. Indeed, 2 addresses would have been affected by the hack. Obviously, the hacker would have focused on whale wallets. Kyber Network urged “all users to continue to exercise caution“. Nevertheless, he argues that there is no no more risk to use the platform and interact with the KyberSwap interface.

Separately, Kyber Network has disclosed how users can revoke approval for malicious code. Those who suspect an interaction with this code could therefore react quickly to take no risks. The platform also invites all DeFi projects to perform a “thorough verificationof their frontend code. Projects should also review the Google Tag Manager (GTM) scripts associated with this code.

Kyber Network reacted quickly to neutralize the malicious code detected on its platform on Thursday. He urged all DeFi projects to carry out due diligence because “the attacker may have targeted multiple sites“. Furthermore, he has promised to offer 15% of the funds to the hacker if he returns what he stole.

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