Crypto: Tether powers El Salvador with an innovative Visa program

The government of El Salvador and crypto leader Tether have just inaugurated the “Adopting El Salvador Freedom Visa” program. This visionary alliance aims to drive financial innovation and societal evolution in the country.

Crypto company Tether proudly announces its partnership with El Salvador

Tether and El Salvador: A revolutionary crypto partnership

Known for its increased interest in crypto, El Salvador signs a groundbreaking partnership with a crypto market giant: Tether. It’s about “Adopting El Salvador Freedom Visa” program.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CEO of the crypto company Tether, this collaboration aims to position El Salvador as a global hub of cutting-edge technology. In this sense, the crypto company Tether has planned an investment of 1 billion dollars.

Investing in El Salvador’s future with the Freedom Visa program

The concept of this revolutionary crypto program is simple: offering 1,000 citizenships to wealthy investors who commit to invest $1 million in Bitcoin or USDT. The first step is to make a non-refundable deposit of $999 credited towards the total.

“The funds generated will fuel crucial social projects, such as improving medical and educational infrastructure. Enough for widespread access to essential services! Participants then become agents of change by actively contributing to building a prosperous nation. explain Adriana Mira, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Citizenship through crypto investment: A strategic choice?

Despite the enthusiasm, criticism is emerging over the high cost of Tether and El Salvador’s Freedom Visa program.

In one of his tweets, Alistair Milne maintains, for example, that the Salvadoran offer is not competitive on a global scale. According to him, the citizenship by crypto investment program from El Salvador costs 10 times more than that of other countries. We particularly cite the European and Caribbean programs which prove to be more affordable.

Despite this high cost, the country remains attractive for its pro-Bitcoin environment and its tax advantages.

The union of crypto company Tether and El Salvador promises societal and economic change. Once again, this places the country at the heart of global developments.

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