Solana more popular than Ethereum on Google in 2023!

Throughout 2023, SOL, Solana’s native crypto, stood out among the most dynamic cryptos in the altcoin market. A sign of this remarkable performance: the growing interest of users through Google searches. In this regard, SOL has established itself, overtaking Ethereum’s Ether (ETH).

The 2e crypto market, less interesting than Solana’s SOL?

At the end of a particularly eventful 2023 for the crypto industry, SOL, Solana’s native asset, has emerged as a dominant force in the market. First, obviously, by its exceptional rise in valuation compared to Ether (ETH) of Ethereum.

As a reminder, the price of SOL has increased by more than 1,000% since January 2023, exceeding the symbolic mark of 100 dollars. A result which allowed Solana to climb into the top five most important cryptos on the market, not too far behind Ethereum.

But the exceptional dynamism of the SOL was manifested through another element: user searches on Google. We can say that the bullish trend in crypto has positively impacted Solana in this area.

Beyond bringing attention to the project, the rise of SOL also propelled Solana’s search interest by more than 270% in just two months. Between December 17 and 23, SOL’s interest score on Google Trend reached 56 points, compared to 50 for ETH. This is a sign of the sustained attractiveness of the Solana ecosystem compared to Ethereum.

Solana led Ethereum in Google searches in 2023, reflecting its rapid growth and user enthusiasm

A dynamic titillated by the arrival of a new competitor

According to analysts, the excitement around Solana can be attributed to its remarkable price increase compared to Ethereum. Supported activities on the Solana network, including contributions from top altcoins like Bonk, also contributed.

Crypto market experts, including Cathie Wood of ARK Invest, have praised the speed and profitability of Solana compared to Ethereum. But while Solana is in the spotlight, another competitor is silently gaining ground.

This is Pullix (PLX), a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that has recently gained substantial traction. This, through the integration of artificial intelligence tools into its crypto infrastructure.

In recent weeks, the Pullix (PLX) platform has grown in popularity, attracting over $2 million in donations to support its growth. According to analysts, PLX, which is currently trading around $0.07, could see a 40-fold increase in returns by the end of the year. Making it one of the top cryptos to consider in the anticipated bull market.

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