Coinbase launches voter education initiative on crypto politics

At the moment when the crypto market is experiencing dazzling success, the main players in the sector are competing in ingenuity to attract as many users as possible. Some offer services that are as varied as possible, while others rely on local approaches. This is particularly the case of Coinbase, which chose to make a documentary to lift the veil on its crypto platform. The official announcement was released on October 4 by Brian Armstrong, current CEO of Coinbase.

Official announcement of the release of a documentary on the crypto company Coinbase

Coinbase documentary: the content in a nutshell

Entitled “Currency: A Founder’s Story,” the documentary was directed by Greg Kohs. Supported by a team of professionals, the latter got behind the scenes of the Coinbase company in order to understand how it works. We are talking about 3 years of support leading to an authentic video report. To view the documentary trailer on Coinbase, click here.

The documentary traces the journey of Brian Armstrong, co-founder and current CEO of Coinbase. It also details the steps to follow as well as the challenges of creating a company or even a crypto platform. Armstrong explains in particular how to create a technology startup from scratch. If all goes well, the documentary will be released this Friday, October 7.

A crypto documentary accessible to all

In the series of tweets he shared, Brian Armstrong talks about why he agreed to do this video report. “I agreed to do this documentary because I wanted to demystify what it takes to build a tech startup and encourage more people to start businesses. I also wanted to demystify crypto,” he explained.

In the same vein, he specified that the video will be available on various streaming platforms. We already know that it will be possible to view it on YouTube, Amazon and iTunes.

Documentary Coinbase: proximity approach or branding strategy?

For some (including Brian Armstrong), this documentary will undoubtedly boost the cryptosphere. It will help beginners understand the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market. The same is true for policy makers and other institutions (public and/or private). Through this video, the whole world will also see the efforts made and the motivations of the various entities in order to develop the crypto industry as much as possible.

For others, it is nothing more or less than a strategy aimed at restoring the image of Coinbase. Currently, the crypto company is indeed the subject of legal proceedings. Blockchain firm Veritaseum is suing her in a patent infringement case. The latter demands substantial compensation from him: up to 320 million dollars.

Want to understand the world of crypto? Want to invest in crypto platforms? The Coinbase documentary will be a must. As a reminder, the video will be available from Friday, October 7. Looking forward to reading your reviews and feedback!!

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