Crypto: Reddit community points migrate to Arbitrum Nova

A recent survey suggests that most Americans, who invest in cryptos, aim to become billionaires. 10 days ago, the conclusion of the investigation was published on the Reddit platform. Many Redditors (members of the Reddit community) seemed to disagree with US investors. They showed up more “reasonable” than these.

Redditors seem to have more reasonable goals

Market research firm The Harris Poll conducted a investigation recently by surveying 1,989 American adults. 70% of respondents said they have the tools they need to become crypto billionaires one day. Members of the Reddit community commented on the results of this study on the platform. According to some of them, 70% of respondents have no goals reasonable.

For example, one Redditor said that “the remaining 30% are more reasonable, they only aim to become millionaires“. Another said the 70% should instead be aimed at improving people’s standard of living. “Being a billionaire is a laughable goal because it’s an extreme. Raising the standard of living of all people […] is something that is actually achievable“, did he declare.

Another Redditor said he doesn’t even hope to be a millionaire. “I will take any type of profit“, he added. According to one commentator, “the title is a bit misleading: over 70% of respondents think they have the tools to become billionaires, that is, not just thanks to crypto“.

For some Redditors, wanting to become a billionaire is not necessarily unreasonable when you consider inflation. In this regard, it appears that the number of billionaire crypto investors is increasing more and more.

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